Women lag men in their representation in management jobs, which negatively affects women’s careers and company performance. Using data from 81 publicly traded firms with more than 2,000 establishments, the authors examine the impact of two management structures that may influence gender diversity in management positions.

Studies have shown providing more opportunities for women in the workforce can be an important element of an organization’s strategy for the future. It is no longer just about “good corporate responsibility”. Including women in corporate culture is also becoming good business practice.

Leaders in management are responsible for creating the atmosphere and overseeing the organization’s diversity approach as it affects the strategy, risk, and performance of their company. Organizations who provide women with management opportunities may find themselves leading as a contributor to success with improved profitability in this global economy.

Incorporating women in the workforce is becoming an increasingly important issue for companies in the U.S. Many countries are undergoing profound demographic shifts. Employers are grasping with an aging population, low birth rates and global competition for skilled workers. As the baby boomer generation enter into retirement, many organizations will experience skilled workforce shortages.

One of the key goals for the WiT committee will be to develop a mentoring program consisting of long-term relationships where protégés benefit from the professional experience of the mentor. The mentor’s main role will be to challenge the protégé and to guide her depending on her school or career aspirations. Mentors will be encouraged to inspire others, share their leadership skills, and offer their communication and interpersonal skills. Providing proactive career-oriented support, improving skills, competences, experience and networks through a sustainable and trustful relationship is an efficient and powerful method.

More information is available by contacting the International Titanium Association, or simply click here to view executive summaries, meeting minutes, and more.

ITA Women in Titanium (WiT) Committee Charter
Mission: The mission of the WiT committee is two-fold: To develop a networking group of collegial women presently in the titanium industry; and to promote, attract, and encourage high school and college women to enter the titanium industry.
Objective: To contribute to the growth of the overall titanium industry by providing mentoring, collegial and networking opportunities for women within the titanium industry and to take part in programs which advance gender equality in STEM fields for high school and college women.
Organization: The committee consists of a voluntary female chair and vice chair from ITA member organizations appointed by, and responsible to, the ITA Board with the assumption the vice chair will follow their predecessor as chair in the case of employment change or upon the end of the term of office. The term of office is 2 years commencing January 1.

The committee is comprised of a number of ad-hoc volunteers, also from ITA member companies with a minimum of 6 participants including the chair and vice chair. The committee’s business and agenda will be reviewed and endorsed by the ITA Board during periodic, approximately quarterly, meetings.

The chairperson will work in close collaboration with the Committee volunteers and with the ITA Executive Director who acts as coordinator for all ITA Board and Committees business and activities.

Minutes of WiT activities will be published periodically in association with the ITA Board meetings.

The scope of the WiT Committee includes:
Professional Development: Including but not limited to planned meetings offering lectures and industry related tours.

Education: Offering exclusive WiT sponsored Fundamentals of Titanium workshops encouraging discussion relating to applied titanium metallurgy. Mentoring sponsorships will be offered to strengthen efforts on gender and diversity-related issues in the fields of STEM.

Mentorship: Organized networking events will be held at the annual TITANIUM Conferences in Europe and the US.

Leadership: WiT will partner with other like-minded organizations including a variety of professional women’s groups.