Some of the projects the Foundation will initiate  include:

Graduate Level:  Initiatives include applying for NSF Grants, focusing on national foundations that have funding priorities compatible with the stated goal of the International Titanium Foundation to support industry desired STEM academic programs, increasing participation by graduate students and professors at the annual ITA conventions and establishing networking opportunities for prospective employers and students where the ITF can operate as the pipeline between academic and the Titanium industry, and expanding the Academic Poster Sessions for Research & Development in Titanium at the annual ITA Conventions.

High School Level:  ITF will sponsor a number of academic scholarships high school seniors may apply for as they prepare for college.  ITF also has developed a partnership with International Mentoring programs where any industry professional worldwide may donate their time to mentor a high school student via the secured Mentoring portal.  A variety of subjects in the fields of math & science are offered.  ITF plans on expanding the program to dedicate a series of projects specifically toward titanium focused subjects.

Middle School Level:  ITA has partnered with the General director of Aero Titanium AS located in Norway who has been successful in launching STEM related programs targeted toward middle aged children who may not otherwise have an introduction into the world of titanium.  ITF will develop video segments which can be broadcasted and communicated to science teachers across the globe and ITF will also host science classes in the demographic regions where the ITA conferences are being held to introduce them to titanium and allow them to participate in a variety of stations where ITA Members serve as volunteers throughout the day.  We are tagging the program as “KiT” Kids in Titanium.