About ITF

The International Titanium Association has established a charitable foundation, International Titanium Foundation (ITF) to focus on outreach efforts connecting academia, youth and diversity to the titanium industry.

The charitable foundation will offer the opportunity for individuals or organizations to make tax free contributions in support of connecting youth interested in STEM related fields with the goal of becoming engaged in the titanium metal industry.

The specific purposes outlined for the International Titanium Foundation (ITF) are:

  • To support students worldwide who exhibit interest in learning more about the relatively young titanium industry;
  • To support teaching and education worldwide in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”) related initiatives;
  • To educate youth about the significance of titanium metals and the extensive uses of titanium alloys for purposes including, but not limited to, advanced materials selection and the markets where titanium metal is used;
  • To provide academic scholarships and poster session opportunities to students interested in the titanium field to help them achieve their educational goals at the post-secondary level;
  • To promote student research and development in the titanium field and to equally promote consulting prospects on behalf of professors;
  • To establish programs specifically tailored to attract more diversity in STEM related careers and to the titanium industry.
  • To organize introductions with prospective employers in the titanium industry and assist in the organization of Co-operative Education or internship opportunities within the titanium industry;
  • To collaborate with other charitable organizations whose missions and purposes is comparable.

ITF has secured non-profit status, has incorporated in Washington D. C. and has received IRS tax exempt approval as of December 28, 2016.